I am a fully trained and experienced counsellor working with clients both in Glasgow and Lanarkshire. I work as a private practitioner and owner of Gateway Counselling and I am also part of the counselling team at The Spark (formerly Scottish Marriage Care). 

My interest and passion in becoming a trained counsellor began several years ago when I myself was counselled. As a result of personally undergoing this process I recognised the value and benefit of this type of therapy. I then made a decision to commit myself to the required training in order to help others on their own personal road of discovery, healing and change. I am passionate about my work and have an understanding and respect for those who are hurting, suffering and facing challenges or who are simply seeking to make changes in their lives. It is such a privilege to sit with my clients, and I have a great respect for their courage and commitment during this process. 

Throughout my life I have worked both as a volunteer and a fundraiser for various charities including Maggie’s Cancer Care Centres, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Destiny Angels, Scottish Marriage Care and Race for Life. This work is an important part of who I am and I continue to work within the voluntary sector.